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RadioFaaS reduce Cost & Complexity of End-to-End AIoT Solutions

The Cost & Complexity of end-to-end AIoT Solutions

According to recent research by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 87 percent of executives surveyed believe that connectivity will be more important to the way their businesses run in the next five years. People will often have exciting ideas for connected, smart products and services, but the methods to make them come to life can remain uncertain. Selecting the right IoT Solution can be as tough as it is critical to get right. For any IoT solution, devices can often be one of the biggest cost drivers, while also being the key component that drives functionality and performance for the overall solution itself.

The decision on which hardware and/or wireless protocol  to use (or have built) is not always as easy and clear as it may seem. Selecting off-the-shelf hardware will speed up development, and reduce risk since the devices are already available and tested, but there are a large number of factors to consider when choosing the right device. Which connectivity technology to use (BLE, ZIgbee, LPWAN, 4G, 5G, etc)? What is the appropriate form factor? How is the battery life? What is the cost now vs. at scale? The list goes on and on.

Sometimes off-the-shelf options are not a fit, and the solution may require custom hardware to be built, which commonly costs more and also takes time to build, test, and iterate on to get right. Not to mention the in-house knowledge (RF, firmware, and systems engineers) required to make the right decisions.

End-to-End AIoT Solutions Platform

RF Engineering as a Service is a new approach to End-to-End AIoT Solutions Platform that radically improves the user experience when creating a new IoT solution with minimal upfront cost and no engineering knowledge required.

By leveraging the RadioFaaS platform, you no longer need to worry about contracts and network operators’ costs. We will design a custom solution and choose the best connectivity depending on your requirements, and you will be able to automatically connect your devices to the IoT platform without the complexity of navigating all the existing wireless protocols or establishing a separate contract with a specific network provider. The RadioFaaS End-to-End AIoT Solution takes care of the connectivity costs in the background. 

The key benefits of RF Engineering as a Service

  • No separate connectivity contract: Avoid the hassle of subscribing to a separate contract for each network operator.
  • Flexibility: You don’t have to deal with engineering decisions about which wireless protocol to implement, scalability concerns, or network operators. Your solution will evolve with any changes in the requirements of your project to avoid a lock-in effect.
  • Cost: Cost from wholesale connectivity prices at a fixed price per device per month. The billing is done automatically on a monthly basis.
  • Smoother development process: Being able to manage the connectivity and devices in one place instead of navigating through different platforms eases the implementation of IoT initiatives and allows a more holistic view of the whole IoT system.

Meet the Team

RadioFaas AIoT Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Leonardo Matute

As CEO and Founder, Leo leads the RadioFaaS team in developing innovative End-to-End IoT and AI solutions. Leo thrives on learning about the unique aspects of both your company and the market in which you compete and understanding your particular challenge(s), then providing affordable, actionable, proven direction that will solve your most pressing problem and generate the business growth you envision.

Leo is an Executive Engineering professional with more than 25 years of proven experience in the field of research and development (R&D). Inventor, innovator and results-oriented visionary, with a proven track record of strong leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, startup consulting, and successful management of complex and difficult engineering programs.

Previously worked as a technology leader in large enterprises with an IoT focus, like Eaton Corp, Honeywell, Itron and Signify

Master of Business Administration – Management of Technology. At Georgia Institute of Technology – Scheller College of Business

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – Major in Electrical Engineering. At Florida Atlantic University


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